Victorian Chemicals is Australia’s acknowledged leader in adjuvants. We have strong commitments to R & D, high quality manufacturing, high product performance, effective supply chain and; good customer service over the last 30 years. This has resulted in customers having a high degree of trust for Vicchem’s reputation and its products’ reliability. These customers come from a wide range of stakeholders such as agronomists, consultants, growers, distributors, suppliers and product testing laboratories. Our acknowledged leadership is best reflected in the agricultural chemical industry’s extensive endorsement of the HASTEN brand as the preferred adjuvant for use with their active ingredients. Increasingly, this endorsement is being extended internationally by our global product partners such as BASF and Bayer.


Manufacturer/Product Hasten Rate
Arysta LifeScience N.A.  Corp
Arvesta Motsa 1L/100L
Bayer Crop Science Australia
Atlantis OD Selective Herbicide 1L/100L
Cheetah Gold Selective Herbicide 1L/100L
Decision Selective Herbicide 1L/100L
Hussar Selective Herbicide 1L/100L
Precept Selective Herbicide 0.5L-1L/100L
Precept 300 EC Selective Herbicide 0.5L-1L/100L
Velocity Selective Herbicide 1L/100L
BASF Crop Protection Australia
Aramo 1L/100L
Flame Herbicide 1L/100L
Intervix Herbicide for Clearfield Crops 1L/100L
Midas Herbicide for Clearfield Wheat 0.5L/100L
OnDuty Herbicide for Clearfield Canola 0.5L/100L
Raptor WG Herbicide 0.5L-1L/100L
Spinnaker 700 WDG Herbicide 0.5L/100L
Farmoz Pty Ltd
Shogun Herbicide 0.5L/100L
FMC Australiasia Pty Ltd
Hammer 400EC Herbicide 0.5L-1L/100L
SipCam Pacific Australia Pty Ltd
Targabolt 200 Herbicide 1L/100L
Terbyne 750 WG Herbicide 1L/100L
Sumitomo Chemicals Australia
Select Herbicide 0.5L - 1L /100L
Valor 500 WG Herbicide 0.5L - 1L /100L
Syngenta Australia Pty Ltd
Gesaprim 600SC Liquid Herbicide 0.5L-1L/100L
Gesaprim Granules 900 WG Herbicide 0.5L-1L/100L
Gesaprim Granules Herbicide 0.5L-1L/100L
Topik 240EC Selective Herbicide 0.5L/100L
United Phosphorus Ltd
Blazer Selective Herbicide 1L/100L
Generic Manufacturerers
Atrazine-based 0.5L-1L/100L
Clethodim 240EC-based 0.5L-1L/100L
Imazethapyr 700g/kg-based 0.5L/100L


Bayer Crop Science Australia
Movento 240 SC Insecticide 0.5 - 1L / Ha
Prosaro 420 SC Foliar Fungicide 1L/100L


Bayer Crop Science Australia
Dropp Liquid Cotton Defoliant 0.5L/Ha
Dropp UltraMAX Cotton Defoliant 0.5L/Ha
Prep 720 Growth Regulator* 0.5L/Ha
Finish* 0.5L/Ha
* when used with Thidiazuron products
E Chem Australia
eChem Thi-Ultra Liquid Cotton Defoliant 0.5L/Ha
eChem Thidiazuron 500 SC Liquid Cotton Defoliant 0.5L/Ha
SipCam Pacific Australia Pty Ltd
ETee Defoliant 0.5L/Ha
Generic Manufacturers
Thidiazuron-based products 0.5L/Ha
Thidiazuron + Diuron-based products 0.5L/Ha
Ethephon-based products 0.5L/Ha
when used with Thidiazuron products
Hasten Label