Products compatible with HASTEN Spray Adjuvant
HASTEN is the go-to spray adjuvant for over 40 of Australia’s top agri-chemicals making it a trusted partner for enhancing efficacy and premium performance of your herbicide, insecticide, fungicide or defoliant. The following products recommend HASTEN Spray Adjuvant product label.

Brand URL Product Name URL Active (s)
HERBICIDE (30 compatible products)         
ADAMA Raptor® Imazomox  
Tenet 500 SC Herbicide Metazachlor  
Shogun® Propaquizafop  
BASF Frequency® Herbicide Topramaezone
Intervix® Herbicide Imazamox + Imazapyr  
OnDuty® Herbicide Imazapic+ Imazapyr  
Sharpen® Herbicide Safulfenacil  
Bayer Atlantis® OD Selective Herbicide Mesosulfuron-Methyl  
Infinity® Ultra Prasulfatole + Diflufencian  
Hussar® OD Selective Herbicide Iodosulfuron-Methyl-Sodium  
Precept® Selective Hervicide Pyrasulfotole +Mcpa 2-Ethylhexyl Ester  
Velocity® Selective Herbicide Pyrasulfotole + Bromoxynil Ester  
Corteva Agixa® Rinskor® active Herbicide Florpyrauxifen Benzyl + Picloram + Triclopyr  
Tordon® RegrowthMaster Herbicide Aminopyralid + Picloram + Triclopyr  
Ubeniq® Rinskor® active Herbicide Florapyrauxifen Benzyl  
Envu Destiny®  Iodosulfuron   
FMC Australia Hammer® 400EC -  Carfentrazone  
Sipcam Cheetah® Gold product-search-sipcam – Sipcam Sethoxydim + Diclofop-Methyl + Fenoxaprop  
Decision®  product-search-sipcam – Sipcam Sethoxydim + Diclofop-Methyl    
Terybne Xtreme 875WG Herbicide product-search-sipcam – Sipcam Terbuthylazine  
Sumitomo Valor 500 WG Herbicide Flumioxazin  
Valor EZE Herbicide Flumioxazin  
Sygenta B-Power® Butafenacil  
Gesaprim® Granules Atrazine  
Talinor® Bicyclopyrone + Bromoxynil  
Topik® 240 EC Clodinafop-Proparygyl  
UPL Blazer® Selective Herbicide (not name as per UPL email rather than website) Acifluorfen  
Select® XTRA Herbicide (note name as per UPL corresponance rather than web) Clethodim  
Generic Products No website Midas®  No website listing Imazapic + Imazapry + Mcpa  
Spinnaker®  No website listing Imazethhapyr  
FUNGICIDE (6 compatible product)         
ADAMA Custodia® Forte Azoxystrobin + Tebuconazole  
Maxentis® Azoxystrobin + Prothioconazole  
Radial® Azoxystrobin + Epoxyconazole  
Topnotch* Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole  
BAYER Prosaro 420SC Foliar Fungicide Prothioconazole + Tebuconazole  
Sipcam Novellus Geraniol + Eugenol + Thymol  
INSECTICIDE (7 compatible products)         
ADAMA Primal® Acetamiprid  
Skope® Emamectin + Acetamiprid  
BASF Versys® Afidopyropen  
Bayer Movento® 240 SC Inseciticide Spirotetramat  
FMC Exirel® Insecticide Cyantranilaprole  
Sygenta Minecto®  Forte Cyantranilaprole + Diafenthiuron
Generic Products   Mainman®  No website listing    
Sipcam ETee® Defoliant Pyraflufen-ethyl + Thidiazuron  
CGS CGS Prep® 900 Ethephon  
CGS Dropp* Liquid Thidiazuron