Product Description

Bio-Dispersol™ is a high performance heavy duty industrial degreaser that uses ingredients of relatively lower toxicity.


Bio-Dispersol is a high performance heavy duty industrial degreaser specifically formulated with operator health and safety in mind.


Formulated blend containing vegetable derivatives, plant extracts and emulsifiers.


Clear yellow liquid with a pleasant natural odour.

Product Usage

Bio-Dispersol can be used wherever there is a need for a high quality, heavy-duty emulsion degreaser. Apply Bio-Dispersol directly to greasy equipment surfaces, allow to penetrate for 30 minutes, then remove with a high pressure water spray. To remove particularly stubborn or heavy deposits use scrapers to shift thick layers of grease before applying Bio-Dispersol use stiff bristled brooms or brushes to work the Bio-Dispersol into stubborn grease deposits · leave Bio-Dispersol for 30 minutes prior to washing off with a high pressure water spray · repeat the cycle on any areas that are not absolutely clean

Key Points

  • Specially formulated for use in heavy industry
  • Contains no petroleum derived hydrocarbon solvent
  • Bio-Dispersol’s carefully formulated components work synergistically to provide high powered grease cutting performance
  • Low toxicity ensures a lower risk to personnel
  • Low volatility offers improved operator safety and can be used in confined spaces. Ensure good ventilation during use.
  • Not classified as a Dangerous Good which enables more flexible and convenient storage, handling and transport
  • Agreeable aroma makes for pleasant working conditions
  • Unique formulation provides faster and more complete biodegradation for a cleaner and safer environment
  • Storage and Safety


    When stored indoors at temperatures below 40ºC and in closed original containers, this product can be stored for at least 1 year. Product may thicken or solidify if cooled below 0ºC. Do not allow water to contaminate stored product. Refer to MSDS at for further information.


    Bio-Dispersol is not classified as a dangerous good. According to experience this product is considered of low risk to health if used according to appropriate industrial hygiene practices. Ensure good ventilation during use. Skin and eye contact should be avoided. Refer to MSDS at