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Hasten* Cross Labelled with Skope*

The latest endorsement from Adama brings to 27 the number of major herbicides and insecticides used by cotton and broadacre farmers that are cross-labelled with Hasten. Read more......

Hard Water is fine when the chemistry is right.

For robust results from summer knockdown herbicides – namely glyphosate – resellers and agronomists should ensure farmer clients choose the right chemistry for the water more

OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant.

New adjuvant for knockdown herbicides. Excellent wetting and spreading, enhanced penetration, suitable for hard water.

Our Winter Gang of Iconic Aussie Adjuvants

See how Vicchem has the Right Chemistry for Every Winter Situation....

Hasten paired with Sharpen in herbicide resistance fight.

Grain growers have more reason to trust Hasten following another third-party endorsement and encouraging new results from adjuvant safety studies.....Read more

Research reveals the truth about spray drift.

Collaborative research into the problem of spray drift has begun delivering practical insights into how spray nozzle and adjuvant choices can affect droplet size.....Read more

Vicchem mixing The Right Chemistry Up in Malaysia.

Peter Jones, Vicchem Development & Market Services Manager presented a topic at Malaysia’s 8th ICPPT (International Conference on Plant Protection in the Tropics) – "The Use of Oil-Based Adjuvants To Improve Pesticide Uptake".

Vicchem takes The Right Chemistry into the Farming community for Winter.

Click here for more details.

Why the Chemistry is Right at Victorian Chemicals

See how Vicchem get the chemistry right in their ads.

HASTEN Cross Label Listing

Adjuvant effect on spray droplets.

This paper investigates the effects that tank mix spray adjuvants have on the size of droplets....Read More

TOPGUN Spray Adjuvant.

New from Vicchem’s continuous R&D. For use with Tralkoxydim based herbicides and many others.

HASTEN approved with Clethodim* 0.5L/100L.

What are adjuvants and how do they work ?

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New 1000g/L (100% active) non-ionic wetting agent.