WET-AS Spray Adjuvant

Product Description

Wet-As Spray adjuvant™ is a unique mixture of ammonium sulphate with built in wetter. Wet-As is designed for use with glyphosate and other non-selective herbicides.

  • Increases the performance of Glyphosate under a variety of conditions and water qualities.
  • High strength formulation reduces handling, storage and wastage.
  • Convenience of wetter and Ammonium Sulphate in an easy to use liquid formulation.
  • Can compatibilize incompatible product mixes.
  • Safe to use and soft on the environment.
  • Ammonium sulphate and Surfactants (wetting agents) are widely accepted and used additives for improving Glyphosate performance.

    Wet-AS™ is the first product available in Australia which contains full strength (410 g/L) Ammonium Sulphate and built in Wetter (158 g/L).

    Product Performance

    See product info sheet for trial results

  • Trial 1 clearly shows the adverse effect that hard water can have on Glyphosate performance. Wet-AS at the low rate (0.25%) provides protection from hard water (340ppm as CaCO3) whilst the moderate rate (0.5%) further protects and enhances the effects of Glyphosate.
  • Trial 2 also shows the hard water protection Wet-AS provides and that the wetting agents in Wet-AS give additional benefit over Ammonium Sulphate alone.
  • When used as directed, Wet-AS will

  • protect Glyphosate and other herbicides from detrimental effects of hard water in the spray tank.
  • reduce antagonism between certain herbicides.
  • increase uptake of Glyphosate and other herbicides to increase efficacy.
  • increase droplet retention.
  • increase droplet spreading.
  • Product Usage

    Soft to moderately hard water (up to approximately 340ppm as CaCO3)

  • The low to moderate rate of Wet-AS™ (0.25 – 0.5%) will increase the efficacy of Glyphosate as well as protect it from hard water.
  • Hard Water and Very Hard Water
  • Wet-AS™ at 0.5% will provide protection from hard water up to around 600ppm.
  • If water hardness is greater than 600ppm then Wet-AS™ should be applied at 1%.
  • Wet-AS™ (at maximum rate of 2%) can be used to help overcome tank-mix incompatibility commonly seen when mixing certain triazine products with Glyphosate.